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Elena Goldblum Photo
Elena Goldblum
Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 hour
Birthday | 04/27
Favorite Move(s)
Triangle and the famous Chaturanga
"Get out of your comfort zone"

Elena Goldblum is a certified yoga teacher- RYT 200 Hr. She completed her training in 2016 from Studio 8 in Huntington, West Virginia. She has taught various yoga classes such as beginner yoga, advanced yoga, ashtanga yoga, bikram/hot yoga, restorative yoga, and power yoga to name a few. Yoga is more than just a ‘workout’, it is incredibly beneficial to your overall well-being. Yoga has taught Elena about the mind and body. Yoga improves your strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga has also taught her to be grateful for her body and accept that it’s okay not to be perfect at everything. When starting a yoga practice it is important to be in the moment and be okay with stepping out of your comfort zone. Yoga has changed her life. She is here to help you do the same, slow down, listen to your body, and recover. #dotheyoga